Small Jar Anana Queen

Small Jar Anana Queen

A gentle voyage through the heart of the Indian Ocean and its islands, steeped in the soothingly sweet scents of pineapplecoconut and basil.

small Jar  180g

30h-35h burn time

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15,95 €

Aromatic notes: Pineapple, coconut, apple, violet, green ivy, coriander, basil and iris.

- Jar in 100% recycled glass. Cork stopper. 

The labels used are printed on recycled paper and the wicks made from cotton.

- The wax is 100% plant extract from GMO-free soy grown without pesticides and without deforestation.

- The concentrate used in our wax comes from our perfumer in Grasse.

- Our candles are vegan, guaranteed free from any form of animal exploitation (no animal dye and not tested on animals).

Hauteur 10cm
Largeur 9cm
Profondeur 9cm
Poids 480g
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